Thanks for landing on my wedding portfolio page! Here you will find a collection of best bits from recent weddings all in one place. Looking for a wedding photographer is hard as there are literally thousands of us out there and we all offer different styles and approaches. This page is here for you to get a taste of my style and how I like to work.

COLOUR. First things first is editing style, and how you visually want your images to appear. I am a huge lover of colour…rich, bright or both…then I’m in LOVE! I think my editing style is a timeless way of capturing and preserving your day.

LAUGHTER. If people are laughing I’m hunting them down, not in a psycho way, but I love anticipating peoples happy reactions, I literally live for this at weddings.

NATURAL. Most couples book me because of this word and how my galleries are so natural. I do like to document the day as it unfolds without much influence from me. On the flip side though, I do love a good portrait session with the happy couple and I do direct. But before you start clicking away from me, let me explain. Most people aren’t all that comfortable with being in front of the camera (me included) and men especially never know what to do with their hands, they just don’t. So my job, during a short session, is to get you both relaxed, comfortable and basically just having a laugh. This might involve me asking you where to stand and where to put your hands and look. Then after that you will no doubt be laughing at me squealing as I’m in my happy place, and what I see through my camera is just flipping awesome!

So if any of this rings true with you, and you like the examples below but want to see some more galleries in depth, then click HERE.