So its coming to that time where your wedding is just round the corner, how flipping exciting! I know I have had a few details off you already from when you booked, but now I need some more details to the running of the day.

So go and flick the kettle on, it should only take a quick 5 minutes to fill out and it will help assist me during your big day!

Thanks so much,

Clare x

Your name *
Your name
Your partners name
Your partners name
Example bridesmaid or groomsman
I will be with you for 2 hours of bridal prep
Where your hair and make up is being done
Anything other than the usual
Approx. time
Civil, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu etc.
If a separate venue
(example - guests cutting meat at tables wearing aprons and chef hats)
The time of year you are getting married can also impact if this can happen.
Examples - Magician, selfie/photobooth , Caricaturist.
I always suggest that no more than 10 groups works well on a wedding day, as they do take time to rally all the guests up. But you get the final say as it's your day :-)
Please include names and relationships
Here are some examples of group photos that you may want to consider.
B&G - with brides parents B&G - with grooms parents B&G - with both sets of parents B&G - with both sets of siblings B&G - with brides immediate family (parents, siblings, grandparents) B&G - with grooms immediate family (parents, siblings, grandparents) B&G - with friends B&G - with bridesmaids Bride - with bridesmaids B&G - with groomsmen Groom - with groomsmen B&G - with bridesmaids & groomsmen
Finally, would you consent to your wedding being blogged by Clare Robinson Photography on her website and/or published in an online magazine?