The Wedding of Adrian and Clare Morley

Just after Christmas I had the delightful job of Second Shooting at a very swanky Wedding at the Lowry Hotel with a beautiful ceremony at Salford Catherdral! The Bride Clare wore a lovely and very flattering fishtail dress which I was totally ooing over! Check out the wedding here! xxx

1-6/09/13 Cala D'or

So me and my man went to Cala D'or for 5 nights in September this year. After a few nights his parents joined us who stayed on for longer when we left. These are a few shots from the road trip that we all took together. We travelled up to Puerto Pollensa, then through the Mountains (which was rather hairy at times with lots of nervous laughter) to Deia which is a beautiful little Village with the most quaint little Church. 

Disappointingly I didn't take that many photos, but I found that I didn't want to leave the Hassy on the beach whilst we were snorkelling for hours. Out of the ones I did take, I am very pleased, and one is going to feature in my handmade calendar for 2014! 

'The Chief of Seattle' band practice.

So a few weeks back I had the pleasure of photographing my friends band, 'The Chief of Seattle' in a chilled out practice session. Within the first five minutes of arriving I was close to tears. I was so proud of seeing Anne-Marie's songs come to life, and watching them all have so much fun. It was an awesome experience and I cannot wait to continue to document them.

15-17/08/13 'Clare...Where's my Whitby'

So back in the summer my work colleague, Diane, and I went to Whitby to stay on a dairy farm.

Well what a holiday to remember, I think we both had a life's supply of laughter crammed into 4 days. We chased about 8 rainbows, I will probably get shouted at now for not knowing the correct number. Especially when one caused us to get a flat tyre...well that and Diane mounting the kerb at 20mph! he he. I went on my first tractor ride and got to go behind the scenes when it came to milking the cows.

I truly and honestly had one of the best times ever. We work really well together when we take photographs, we both have our own styles and approach and most of all we don't get under each other's feet.

I saw some lovely sights around Whitby, in the morning and at night, and its one holiday I would definitely do it again. 

Here are a few of my best bits from Whitby!

Take a look at Diane's Flickr here

Nawwwwwwwww everyone loves an ass!! <3

....and this little beauty was Diane's first Hassy Photo! Its Brill!! 


I decided to have some quality time with the Hassy on the streets of London whilst the Mr was working and oh what fun it was. 

London is such a hectic, beautiful place with stunning architecture, and whilst I'm not a city girl (I am definitely a country bumpkin at heart) I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of walking the streets and having my film companion by my side.

Hasselblad 500cm, Fuji Proo400H

A satisfying trip indeed!

03.08.13 Conwy/Llandudno

So me and my guy spent a lovely evening camping in Conwy Touring Park, Wales.

I only took a few photographs which was actually a little disappointing. The mass of people that descend to the coast can sometimes get in the way of photographs you have in mind. I should use this experience as a lesson and embrace this for next time to shoot more people. 

Hasselblad 500CM, Fuji Pro 400H, Richard Photo Lab

27.07.13 Lyme Park National Trust

Lyme House and Gardens, if you didn't know already is the location of the famous scene involving a handsome man and a wet white shirt...any ideas?...The clue is, it's the 20 year Anniversary of the wonderful BBC drama...Pride and Prejudice!

Pam (my mans lovely mother) and myself had the most delightful time walking around such a lovely house and beautiful gardens, where we happened to meet said wet clothed man. 

Hasselblad 500CM, Fuji Pro 400H, Richard Photo Lab

Martyna & Dan on Film. 26.07.2013

If you have read my blog post 'I <3 Film' you will know the reasons behind this shoot. But for those who don't, a few weeks back I read a very inspiring blog post about shooting film and from that moment on I decided to stop dragging my feet and to move then forward, quite rapidly.

Martyna and Dan were great models. Dan and I go back to when I was 16 when we both used to work together in a local pub. Martyna works in fashion and modelling so this whole process, she was probably used to =) The couple of hours we spent walking round Heaton Park were great, Dan & Martyna were totally at ease in front of the camera, and me too behind it! Thanks to Dan's navigation skills around the park we found some lovely backdrops to work with. After lots of love, smiles, eating of ice cream and a bit of rock climbing by myself, the whole shoot was a great success and I have found myself clicking through these photos several times a day because of it.

If you would like to check out Martyna's fashion blog click Here

Shot on a Hasselblad 500cm, Fuji Pro 400 film, scanned and developed by Richard Photo Lab. 

Any comment...please share!!
Clare xx

Chatsworth Gardens 24.07.2013

Chatsworth House and Gardens, the most beautiful stately home I have ever clapped eyes on. For those of you that know me I have a 'slight' obsession with Chatsworth, the house, the gardens, the Duchess of Devonshire Georgiana, and the Love story.

Every time I am there, be it in the gardens or house, I find myself imagining myself as the Duchess  =) People have been known to describe me as 'Old before my time' and I think it's honest to say that they are right.
I was somewhat nervous about seeing my film scans from Chatsworth, I have overcooked it every time I have visited on digital and with my new approach of using film and slowing down, I am glad there are actual photos... I'm clearly getting back into the swing of things. 

The 7th photograph is of my lovely Father and photo buddie aka Stepmum.

Shot using a Hasselblad 500cm, Fuji Pro 400, Processed and Scanned by Richard Photo Lab

Dunham Massey With Diane

So a while back now Diane (work colleague and photography friend) and I went for a late afternoon photo session around Dunham Massey. We ventured through the deer park and the other woodland around the house and gardens. Diane and myself work well together, we don't get under each other's feet and we respect what each other wants to get out of the shoot. I decided to shoot solely on the Hasselblad....eeeeeek! Scary! I took my time, light meter in hand and off I went.

I got these scans back from Richard Photo lab a few days ago and at first glance I felt a little disheartened, but I think I place unrealistic pressures on my photography. So after a few hours I came back and on the second viewing I was actually pretty happy.  I haven't picked this camera up in years and so I'm glad there are actual photographs recorded. Some are a little over exposed, but next time they will be bang on!!

Clare x

Visit Diane's Flickr here...Diane Rocks Flickr

I ♥ Film

So for the past 12 months, well actually,2-3 years! A regular pastime or which others might call, obsession of mine has been following photographers via their blog posts. Mid July 2013 I came across a South Florida photographer, Kat Braman. The reason why she popped up in my Google search that July evening is because I was going through my usual thought process of where my personal photography is going and where I want it to go, but that particular evening I tried a new approach. Rather than swoon over photographers like Jose Villa, Jonathan Canlas and Elizabeth Messina who I view on a daily basis, and throughout doing so I am forever dreaming of owning the beautifully crafted Contax 645. That evening I decided to Google photographers that shoot on the camera I already own, the camera I seem to have dismissed along the way, my Hasselblad 500cm.

After reading her Film is Not Dead Workshop Review, the outlook on my work changed instantly that night. Kat and myself do come from different photography backgrounds, I spent many years shooting film and loved every moment of it, but seemed to move over to digital when I finished University, to me it felt like the next process. Kat has always been a digital photographer wanting to try film for the first time, and despite the difference in where our photography originated, we both shared the same feelings when it came to thinking about shooting film. Kat sums up my fear perfectly in these few line,

' I didn’t want to fail. The fear of failure paralysed me from trying for so long ' ... ' I’d obsessively stalk photographers that shot with it, (for me it was the Contax) longing to be one of them, but too scared of failure to do anything about it '

I seemed to think that not having a Contax 645 is the reason why I am not the photographer I have wanted to be for the past few years. Kat has now opened my eyes to something I have been ignoring for a long time. The Hasselblad, my baby, the camera I shot 90% of my University degree on, I dismissed and deemed it not good enough for me. But Kat has literally shown me the light, and that I can make the beautifully imagery I have always longed for with tools I already have.

So that night I contacted two people perfect for models, my friend Dan who I have known since I was 16 and his model girlfriend Martyna. They were the first people who popped into my mind when thinking about conducting a film shoot. They happily agreed and I now hope that this is the start of something, well, special.

You can visit 
Kat Braman here ...
Martyna's fashion blog here ...