15-17/08/13 'Clare...Where's my Whitby'

So back in the summer my work colleague, Diane, and I went to Whitby to stay on a dairy farm.

Well what a holiday to remember, I think we both had a life's supply of laughter crammed into 4 days. We chased about 8 rainbows, I will probably get shouted at now for not knowing the correct number. Especially when one caused us to get a flat tyre...well that and Diane mounting the kerb at 20mph! he he. I went on my first tractor ride and got to go behind the scenes when it came to milking the cows.

I truly and honestly had one of the best times ever. We work really well together when we take photographs, we both have our own styles and approach and most of all we don't get under each other's feet.

I saw some lovely sights around Whitby, in the morning and at night, and its one holiday I would definitely do it again. 

Here are a few of my best bits from Whitby!

Take a look at Diane's Flickr here

Nawwwwwwwww everyone loves an ass!! <3

....and this little beauty was Diane's first Hassy Photo! Its Brill!!