Dunham Massey With Diane

So a while back now Diane (work colleague and photography friend) and I went for a late afternoon photo session around Dunham Massey. We ventured through the deer park and the other woodland around the house and gardens. Diane and myself work well together, we don't get under each other's feet and we respect what each other wants to get out of the shoot. I decided to shoot solely on the Hasselblad....eeeeeek! Scary! I took my time, light meter in hand and off I went.

I got these scans back from Richard Photo lab a few days ago and at first glance I felt a little disheartened, but I think I place unrealistic pressures on my photography. So after a few hours I came back and on the second viewing I was actually pretty happy.  I haven't picked this camera up in years and so I'm glad there are actual photographs recorded. Some are a little over exposed, but next time they will be bang on!!

Clare x

Visit Diane's Flickr here...Diane Rocks Flickr